7 best goal setting apps -

best goal setting apps

On December 24, 2014, called us one of the 7 best goal-setting apps on the market.

“”You’ve undoubtedly seen the abysmal statistics on how terrible we are at keeping New Year’s resolutions. Well, these top goal-setting apps might just give you a fighting chance – starting in January or whenever you have an important goal to achieve.

The problem with most goals is that they remain just that: lofty hopes and dreams for the future. But with a little planning and follow-through, they could turn into monthly milestones and weekly tasks and daily sub-tasks and eventually a check mark on one of your goal-setting apps. 

Here are the top seven goal-setting apps recommended by entrepreneurs, who have some of the trickiest goals and the least free time – so you know these apps are efficient:””

Mashable - smart goals Mashable - smart goals

From the Mashable article:

In the grand scheme of things, 30 seconds doesn’t seem like a very significant amount of time. But a lot can happen in half a minute — and it’s enough time for you to accomplish some very productive and beneficial things, especially with the help of technology.

If you really think about it, you’ll probably be able to identify a bunch of times during the day when you have 30 seconds or so to spare, like when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting for others to join a conference call or waiting for that elevator that starts your sweet, sweet journey home after a long day of work.

There’s nothing wrong with staring off into space during these brief breaks from the daily grind, but if you do want to be productive, here are just 23 of the tech-infused things you can do in 30 seconds or less.

Chief Optimizer - Smart Goals app

Chief Optimizer (, a company focused on coaching and developing entrepreneurs, mentioned the Smart Goals app and wrote about the effectiveness of the SMART goal-setting methodology in this blog post: ( <April 27, 2013>

I wrote a guest post on the College Works Painting student blog, about the Top 5 Simple but Impactful Things I’ve Learned About Accomplishing Goals <March 15, 2013>. College Works is an internship program that gives students that are interested in business and entrepreneurship the opportunity to gain experience by starting and running their own small painting business for a summer. I was an intern for College Works California in 2008 and ran an $80,000 business, and have been super passionate about entrepreneurship ever since.

Millennium Search (, a recruiting firm focused on placing top-tier talent in the high-tech sector, mentioned the Smart Goals app in a blog post called 5 1/2 Goal Setting Apps for Entrepreneurs. <February 20, 2013>

There is a blog called Temple University: iPads in Therapeutic Recreation, which talks about integrating iPads and technology in recreation therapy, and they mentioned the Smart Goals app in a post here: <March 25, 2013>

Mobiledia, one of the top online mobile news sites, posted an article called New Year’s Resolutions, and Apps to Help You Keep Them that featured the SMART Goals app. <January 2013>

The SMART Goals App was featured in an article called 5 Apps to Help You Reach Your Goals, from a company called Commbank in Australia. <January 2013>

The app was also featured in Mexico in an article called Organizing your time and money can contribute to your quality of life, and you can do that with these effective tools. <January 2013>


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