Why Making 2015 Your “Best Year Ever” Starts Right Now


Many people have big changes and improvements they want to make for the upcoming year. “2015 is going to be the best year ever!” they think. But here is the biggest mistake that 99% of people make: “I’ll start on January 1st.”

People set goals and new habits for the new year, and are incredibly excited and optimistic about how great the new year will be, but over the holidays create bad habits (over-eating, laziness, etc). Then January 1st rolls around, they wake up (probably groggy and hungover from the NYE festivities), and they expect that they are going to make huge changes but don’t have the habits or willpower necessary to make the changes, so they fail.

Its like training for a marathon, the training starts way before the race. You don’t just go out there on race day and run the race, it takes months of training and dedication leading up to the race to achieve the success you want. If 2015 is the marathon, you’re not going to achieve the success you want without training beforehand. You can’t just switch good habits on because the calendar year changes on January 1st.

So if you are serious about the changes you want to make and the good habits you want to develop, and you really want to make 2015 the best year ever, don’t start January 1st, start in December. December should be your best month ever if 2015 is going to be your best year ever. Obviously today is Christmas Eve so it’s a little late if you’re reading this now… but If you actually want 2015 to be your best year ever, it still starts today. If 2015 is really going to be your best year ever, then this week (Dec 24-Dec 31) needs to be the best week ever. Start making changes now. Start developing habits now. Start creating the right environment now.

So think: How can I treat now, until the rest of the year, as the best week of my life? How can I use this week to set myself up for success come the new year? This week will likely be a preview to the year to come.


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