Don’t Fail Your New Year’s Resolutions Just Yet

It’s been 2 weeks since the new year, and based on statistics, if you’re like most people, you’ve already failed your resolutions.
Yes, it’s sad, I know.
There are many different ways to approach goals that can all be successful. I’ve written about many of the processes on this blog:
  1. SMART goals – if your goals meet these 5 criteria: specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and timely- you will accomplish them. This one is so good we built the app around it.
  2. Set process goals, not outcome goals. I think this is THE BEST goal setting advice I read about and wrote about all year. An outcome goal is “I want to lose 20 lbs.” A process goal would be “I want to stick to the Slow Carb diet for 90 days” or “I want to go to the gym 4 times per week.” Action, the process, and the system are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the outcome. The outcome gets you nowhere.
  3. Set theme goals and focus goals. Instead of coming up with a list of 10 New Years resolutions that sound sexy but contradict each other, limit the number of goals you set (have a few “focus goals”) and make sure they revolve around a singular theme, for example: discipline, or forgiveness, or adventure.
  4. Make a goal poster and put it where you will see it everyday. A goal poster is a visual reminder of your goals and daily motivation.
  5. Set monthly goals like Gretchen Rubin in the Happiness Project.
  6. Make a bucket list, and make sure to actually write it down.
  7. And we don’t have to get fancy… Most people don’t even set goals at all, let alone write them down. Just set a goal and go.
But here’s what I think…
Whatever method you chose, it doesn’t really matter as much as one other thing…
Action. Go do something. Put in the work. Grind it out. Forget the goal posters and apps and SMART acronyms, and just go DO something right now.
Here is why I think you’re NOT going to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions:
  1. Because you won’t put in the work (aka you’re lazy).
  2. Because you have no self disipline.
  3. Because you don’t really care.
  4. Because you make excuses. Your excuses rule you.
  5. Because the process is messy, and the grind is difficult, and you can’t hang. You’re going to give up.
The Smart Goals app is just a place to start and track. Setting process goals is a great approach, but it’s just an approach. The goals poster will look really cool on your wall. You don’t get a participation trophy for writing down your goals, or making your goal poster. And you definitely won’t get any instant gratification like you’re used to. So after setting a goal, putting the steps in your app, etc… what’s next?
The grind. The messy middle. The work. The shit. The process. And after that?
Everything. Everything you want. The person you want to be. Achievement. Victory. Right?
Want the grind. Love the process. Become who you want to be in the messy middle, in the shit. That’s where it all happens.
After you realize that, everything changes.

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