Why 2013 Was The Best Year Ever, and 2014 Will Be Even Better

I say this every year, but 2013 has been the best year of my life. It’s fun to conduct your Annual Review at the end of the year, and remember all the fun, the accomplishments, the new places visited, the people I’ve met, and the things I’m proud of from the last year. I even like to reflect on where I fell short, and the things I didn’t accomplish, knowing that I still have a few more weeks in 2013, and the new goals I will set for 2014.

Chris Guillebeau posts every December about the Annual Review. Here is a screenshot, and if you click it you can go to Chris’s site and download his Annual Review Template for free.

annual review

Here are some things that went well in 2013:

  • I kicked off the New Year in Dublin, Ireland, my favorite country in the world!
  • My top accomplishment has to be that I bought and now own the business that I have been working in the last 6 years. I started working at College Works as an intern in 2008, and this year took over from my mentor Brian.
  • I went on 2 surf trips this year, Cabo in May and Portugal in August! Here’s a pic from Portugal:portugal
  • Snowboarded for the 1st time in 3 seasons! Heavenly, Lake Tahoe Heavenly, lake tahoe
  • Bought a year pass to the Muir Woods, visited around 10 times, and spent much more time in nature in 2013 than previous years, hiking Angel Island, Fallen Leaf Lake and Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe, and a few other places in California.Muir Woods
  • Launched a completely new version of the Smart Goals app, with a new concept and new design. As I studied goals, and worked towards accomplishing my own, I realized that setting SMART Goals with milestones and deadlines should be set and managed differently than bucket list dreams, and that both have their benefits. I also realized the benefit of setting and tracking day to day, week to week habits. The newest version of Smart Goals helps users set, track, and accomplish all their goals, dreams, and habits in one app!
  • I saw the Rolling Stones, my all time favorite band, in concert for the second time. And the best surprise of the show was Tom Waits performing Little Red Rooster with them, check out the clip below. The show was epic! I am also currently finishing the epic autobiography of Keith Richards, Life. 
  • I did the Tough Mudder San Diego! 10.5 miles, and if the insane hills weren’t obstacles enough, some other obstacles included having to run through live electric wires and swim through ice water.
  • I visited Ireland, Portugal, Cabo x2, Cancun, London, Vegas, Boston, and Wisconsin! And I’m leaving tomorrow for my last trip of the year, New York for 5 days, Puerto Rico for 5 days, and St. Maarten and St. Barths for a few days. Can’t wait!
  • I read more books than I could even keep track of, and I’m loving my Audible account I’m sharing with my brother. Learning is one of my passions, and I love listening to audiobooks.
  • I started tracking a gratitude habit. I make sure that each morning, or while I drive to work, I pause and think of something I am grateful for. And by tracking my stats in the Smart Goals habit feature, I was pretty consistent with this habit, and accomplished it almost every single day.

Here are some things that didn’t go well:

  • I didn’t accomplish my goal of getting out of debt, which was my main financial goal for the year.
  • My company did 35% less revenue than we wanted this year.
  • My exercise habit was off and on this year. I had some really good months, and some really bad months.
  • I had a goal to write my first e-book/info-product, and COMPLETELY failed that. I got an outline down, and thats about it.
  • My travel goal is to hit 30 countries by 30. I planned a trip to St. Maarten and St. Barths this winter thinking that would be 2 more countries added to the list and boost me into the twenties, only to find out later those are territories that belong to the Netherlands and don’t count! Haha. I’m still super stoked on the trip. And I still have a lot of world to discover:countries ive visited
  • Besides for a few random donations here and there to the Philippines and Movember, I definitely could haven given a lot more this past year.

Click on Chris Guillabeau’s post about the Annual Review, read about it, and conduct your own review of 2013. After getting your reflections down, what went well and what didn’t, you can start looking forward to the future and start setting some goals for 2014.

In a upcoming post, I’ll share some of my personal goals for 2014.



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