GEBY – Gratitude, Exercise, Breakfast, You – Noah Kagan’s Daily Ritual

Noah Kagan  (Founder and CEO of and Tim Ferriss ( had a cool session on creativeLIVE talking about entrepreneurship, how to validate your business ideas, how to kill your inner “wantrepreneur”, and common mistakes of first time entrepreneurs. Hidden in the midst of all the business advice, was a little gem from Noah: GEBY.

Fast fwd to minute 13, and watch until minute 15.

Noah has a daily ritual called GEBY – gratitude, exercise, breakfast, and you. Gratitude is to spend time in the morning thinking of what you’re grateful for and putting things in perspective. Noah writes down 3 gratitudes each morning. Exercise is to do some sort of physical activity per day, whether that’s going to the gym, or for a bike ride, or doing 100 push-ups. Breakfast is exactly that- eating breakfast everyday, hopefully healthy. And You is to do something that day for you, something that will push you forward. Your You is a small win to make the day great. Plan it in the morning and do it before the end of the day.

Pick an accountability buddy, and email him or her you GEBY every morning. Or, use the Smart Goals app to track your GEBYs.

Smart Goals app - habits - GEBY

Any other cool daily rituals out there, I’d love to hear them!

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3 thoughts on “GEBY – Gratitude, Exercise, Breakfast, You – Noah Kagan’s Daily Ritual

  1. My morning routine: 30 minutes of quiet (sometimes when I’m really busy, I skip this one k-0), grounding exercise (<3mins), toaist smiling down exercise (<10 mins), breakfast, 20 minutes of meditation, chakra clearing (<10 mins). I'd like start doing tai chi too, but haven't started yet. I find that when I start this way I'm so much more productive. It is like creating, rather than losing, time. I also like your gratitude ritual.

    The accountability buddy thing sounds really valuable.


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