Back to School – Setting Semester and Quarter Goals

It was fun while it lasted… but summer is nearly over 😦

yacht party backflip

Labor Day is officially behind us, it’s September now, and I hope everyone had an killer summer vacation. Boat parties and backflips will soon be replaced by study sessions and all nighters… But on the bright side, it’s a perfect time for students to get serious again and set semester goals.  I coach college undergrads for a living, so I’m very familiar with helping them achieve their semester and yearly goals.

Here are some examples and tips for setting your semester goals:

1. Set a GPA goal (this one is a no brainer)

2. Set career goals – shoot to land an internship maybe, or get involved in some new organizations. A college degree alone is worth what it used to be, and more and more recent grads are having trouble getting good jobs. The best thing you can do to make yourself competitive when you graduate is to start getting experience early on, and the best way to do that is through internships.

3. Set personal development goals that go beyond the class room. For example, take a beginning sailing class through the rec center, or read a book about investing that isn’t for a class.

4. Other goals to set include health and fitness goals, financial goals, or social goals for the semester. Remember- don’t forget the fun!

5. When setting goals, write them down and keep them somewhere where you can review them often, be specific, and make them measurable so at the end of the semester you know, black or white, whether or not you accomplished them.

And if you’re not a student, it’s still a perfect time to set 90 day goals. Quarterly goals give you enough time to accomplish something awesome, while still being time-bound. And of course, if you don’t have your own system to write down and track your goals, download our app and remember to make your goals SMART!

Download SMART Goals App here

P.S.  Summer wasn’t all boat parties and backflips for us- we launched Smart Goals version 3.0 in the iTunes App Store on August 22nd! Check out more details on our website


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