Use Mogl to Accomplish Your 2013 Goal to Save Money (or travel more) (or do more charity)

Is your goal to save money in 2013? Or to travel more? Or do more charity and help others less fortunate? Then use MOGL!

Mogl Jackpot - Elevate Points

Forbes posted an article a couple days ago called 10 Unique Businesses to Help You Keep Your Resolution. I am a big fan of Mogl myself, so I thought I’d share the tip. Here is what Jodie Coughlin writes about Mogl on Forbes:


Valentine’s Day has passed and 2013 is well underway. Have you been keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions? I’ve done some research and here are some of the coolest businesses that I’ve come across that can help you keep your resolutions and meet your goals for the year. Check them out:

Trying to save money in your day-to-day? MOGL rewards you with actual cash-back for doing something you already love to do: dine out! Simply pay your check as you normally would (using any debit or credit card that you have registered with MOGL), and effortlessly earn 10% back on every bill. You never have to present a coupon, punch card or QR code – it’s all seamless. To date, MOGL has already given more than $2 MILLION cash-back to it’s users! If they haven’t reached your community yet, they will be soon as they are quickly expanding, nation-wide. Cha-ching!


In addition to the 10% cash back you receive from dining at a Mogl venue, you also get put in the running for a jackpot. The Top 3 Spenders at each restaurant or bar wins a bonus jackpot. Here is my personal story with Mogl: In January 2013 I was able to win 8 jackpots, simply by choosing Mogl venues with easy jackpots to compete for. On January 16th Virgin America announced a new partnership with Mogl which allows you to earn Virgin America Elevate points instead of cash-back (and x2 points until February 28 to kick off the partnership). I opted in for the Elevate points, and here are my earnings:

Mogl Jackpot - Elevate Points

Mogl Jackpot - Elevate Points

8730 Elevate points just for picking Mogl restaurants. Crazy right? Mogl and Virgin America are only offering the x2 points until the end of February, so if you live in California, start jackpot hunting!!

To earn an extra $10 or 600 Elevate points, sign up on and use the referral code JarricRamos or click this link If you sign up without the code, you won’t get the $10 or 600 points.

I still haven’t touched on the BEST part of Mogl – the charity! Mogl has a partnership with Feeding America, and for every $20 you spend as a Mogl user, you donate a meal to a hungry mouth. So far I have donated 25 meals to help a hungry person through Feeding America. Mogl has donated over 260,000 meals total.

Mogl Feeding America

Read a cool article about Mogl from Richard Branson on his blog called Profit, Planet, and People – Prioritize All Three.

Remember – for the bonus $10 or 600 Elevate points, use the referral code JarricRamos or click this link to sign up for Mogl.

Save more, travel more, help more in 2013!


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