The 2013 Goal Poster – A creative approach to goal setting

Amy Rees Anderson wrote an awesome post on Forbes recently called The Magic of the 2013 Goal Poster. The last 3 years, Amy has accomplished some amazing goals, such as visiting 4 of the 7 Wonders of the World, selling her company, and starting a foundation. She largely attributes her success to her Goal Posters, which essentially are photo collages. Amy literally used scissors and glue to cut pictures out of magazines and other various places, put them on a poster board, and hung it right in front of her desk in her office. For the poster, Amy says:

1. It’s not about the ‘how’, it’s all about the ‘what’ and to focus on that.

2. The goal is to make it amazing, and to have that ‘WOW’ factor.

3. If it works… repeat. Amy is now on her 3rd goal poster.

Read the entire article here, its awesome.


3 thoughts on “The 2013 Goal Poster – A creative approach to goal setting

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  2. Excellent post and it’s so true that a goal needs to have a ‘WOW’ factor.:)

    There is also a little technique you can use, if you have the courage that will almost guarantee the achievement of big goals and dreams. It is based on the idea of “social pressure”.

    Think about this; let’s say you have a goal to lose a certain amount of weight or achieve some desired level of fitness. You can set the goal privately and tell yourself, “I am going to achieve this goal by August 1.” On the other hand, you can make the goal public by telling all of your friends and family what you intend to do and even give a date for your desired completion.

    As soon as you take that goal public, you move into a different state of mind. No longer are you at the mercy of your own self-discipline (which has been tarnished by years of bad habits). Now you have a much more powerful force dictating your day to day actions and decisions.

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