Derek Siver’s TED Talk changes the SMART Goals App

Click here to watch Derek Sivers TED Talk : Keep Your Goals to Yourself

This is an awesome TED Talk by Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby. It goes against conventional goal setting wisdom that if you tell other people your goal, you are more likely to accomplish it (because they will hold you more accountable, you’re more likely to hold yourself more accountable, saying your goal out loud makes it more real, blah blah blah).

According to Derek’s talk, and the research he is citing, that isn’t the case at all, and actually telling other people your goals makes you less likely to accomplish your goals. So what does this mean for the SMART Goals app?

smart goals - goal setting app social share screen

Yes, there will still be social sharing in the SMART Goals app. But the way we are setting up the share option is much different than the way we had it before watching this video, and hopefully this little tweak, plus all the other little things we have built into the app, only makes you that much more likely to actually accomplish your goals.

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